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    Available courses

    Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Library and Information Management (PGDLIM)

    The PGDLIM course caters to the technological needs of the aspiring library professionals and other technical professionals interested in Digital Library Management. The PGDLIM course will enable the students to understand key elements of digital library and information management. The course has a blend of online content and contact classes.

    The intention of the course is to acquaint the students in digitization activities in libraries of all levels i.e. schools, colleges, universities, public libraries, and research organizations.

    Duration: One Year (Online classes with contact classes of 25 working days)

    Online classes are conducted as MOOC and through a MOODLE based system with online submission of assignments and field work reports.

    Career Options:

    After successful completion of this course, the professionals would have various career options like Information Scientist; Systems Librarian; Digital Library Manager; Metadata Analyst; Web Administrators.